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Q I’ve got a 1300 Cross­flow in my Mk1 Es­cort and I’d like to know if I could put a 1600 head straight on. Is this OK as the valves are big­ger, and would it im­prove per­for­mance? I’ve al­ready put a twin-choke 32 We­ber on it and four-branch man­i­fold with a free-flow sys­tem. Also, what’s the best cam to put in? Gra­ham Hughes Email

A Yes, the head will fit. The one to watch out for is to make sure that it’s a flat head and not a cham­bered one — where there are com­bus­tion cham­bers let into the head. The Mex­ico-spec head has slightly big­ger valves, so if you can track one down, it’s the one to go for. You’ll see a slight in­crease in power with this head, but you’ll get more from a cam change. The Kent BCF2 is an ex­cel­lent fast-road cam, although some peo­ple find it makes the 1300 a bit cammy as it’s re­ally de­signed for the 1600 en­gine. This is the wildest you’ll want for the road. A 1600GT camshaft would be a milder al­ter­na­tive.

Swap­ping Cross­flow heads? Make sure it’s the flat and not cham­bered ver­sion you;re af­ter.

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