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Pre-1982 cars ran theType F gear­box and any gear selection prob­lems are usu­ally down to a fault with the unique side lever shift rods.TheType E four-speed ’box was used in the last six months be­fore the in­tro­duc­tion of theType-9 five-speed gear­box, and while it’s more durable than the Type F, both can suf­fer from age and hard use, the tell­tale of ad­vanced wear be­ing rum­bling bear­ings.Type-9 is far su­pe­rior but can suf­fer from water ingress if the gas­ket be­tween the ‘box and bell­hous­ing fails. At­las axle is plenty tough, al­though do lis­ten for any whine from the diff and, more likely, the half­shafts.

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