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£363 Retro Ford Un­til now the high­est diff you could put an English axle was a 3.54:1 as fit­ted to Es­cort RS2000s and 1600 Ghias — the diff of choice for peo­ple that wanted a car that would cruise on the mo­tor­way at sen­si­ble RPM. Retro Ford has gone one bet­ter and can now of­fer a 3.3:1-ra­tio crown­wheel and pin­ion, mean­ing that mo­tor­way cruis­ing will be even more ef­fort­less — and this also means that the first gear fit­ted to the stan­dard Type-9 gear­box that is usu­ally too low is now a lot more us­able. Made in the UK by the same com­pany that makes crown­wheel and pin­ions for F1 teams, they come shot­peened and lapped-in as pairs, and are supplied with the pin­ion height di­men­sions for set­ting up. Con­tact: 01536 747978, www.retro-ford.co.uk

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