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Q When I look for my next project I want to do a Mk3 Capri with a V8. I have about £5000 to spend — do I buy an ex­pen­sive Ford V8 and gear­box, or go for a cheap Rover engine and gear­box?

If you have done any of these mods can you give me some ad­vice — what to watch out for, what was good, and more im­por­tantly, what not to do?

Ge­off Banks Email

A The Rover op­tion can no longer be con­sid­ered cheap, and the Ford route isn’t re­ally any more ex­pen­sive — we’ve pre­vi­ously put a 302 cu.in small-block Ford V8 in a Mk1 Capri and it was pretty easy and cost­ef­fec­tive. We used a Mus­tang T5 ‘box and Fox-body dou­ble-hump sump and the com­bi­na­tion went straight in with no cut­ting. The engine mounts lined up, which we fab­ri­cated, although the ex­haust man­i­folds we hadn’t sorted — you could adapt some Mus­tang ‘shorty’ ones or Team Blitz in the States do them for this swap off-the-shelf — al­beit for left-hand-drive cars.

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