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THE ’70S-ON­WARDS CORTI­NAS feel very civilised thanks to dou­ble wish­bone front sus­pen­sion along with coil springs all round. Gone is the steer­ing box too, be­ing re­placed with rack and pin­ion. Even the rear live axle has bet­ter con­trol with an­gled ra­dius rods. With all those links though, the only prob­lem’s likely to be wear in the bushes although that’s noth­ing that a de­cent set of poly bushes won’t sort out. Gen­er­ally, the sus­pen­sion is sim­i­lar across the Mk3-Mk5 range although most ei­ther swap in the whole sus­pen­sion from the more-re­fined Mk5, or use a se­lec­tion of com­po­nents from one. Low­er­ing is straight­for­ward — springs and dampers are avail­able off the shelf while you’ve got a range of anti-roll bars from 16-22 mm avail­able as stan­dard to tune the sus­pen­sion ac­cord­ing to use and engine weight.

The Mk3-Mk5 range of Corti­nas have much more-mod­ern sus­pen­sion than the ear­lier ver­sions, and it’s easy to im­prove.

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