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From 22.23 USD, De­sign Engi­neer­ing DEI has come up with an easy way to tidy up those wires and hoses that come with added ac­ces­sories — and there’s no need to dis­con­nect your wires or hoses to sort out the prob­lem. The split de­sign of Easy Loom makes it easy to in­stall over ex­ist­ing wiring looms and it comes in var­i­ous di­am­e­ters al­low­ing for any num­ber of new wires to be grouped with the ex­ist­ing loom. The fin­ished re­sult looks like a fac­tory in­stalled loom and gives no clue to the new wiring that is housed within it. Avail­able in mul­ti­ple di­am­e­ters from 5 mm up to 38 mm, the kits also in­clude a 2 ft roll of sil­i­cone tape for seal­ing the ends. Con­tact: www.de­sig­nengi­neer­ing.com

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