Classic Ford - - MK1 ESCORTS -

They put some­thing in the water in Scan­di­navia. They must do. Some­thing mind-al­ter­ing, some­thing to stim­u­late and spur on, to help its in­hab­i­tants push through the harsh and lengthy win­ters. It’s a unique quirk to the in­hab­i­tants of Swe­den, Den­mark and Nor­way that as soon as the denser snow starts to el­bow its way into their scenic vis­tas, they roll their cars into the garage, light up the paraf­fin stove, stick the ket­tle on, and hoik up their sleeves.They se­quester them­selves away for the bit­ing win­ter months and emerge blink­ing into the spring sun­light with an en­tirely trans­formed car.All those hours with no place to be but the warmth of the garage, tin­ker­ing, hon­ing, re­fin­ing… Slow time, fast cars.That’s the Scan­di­na­vian way. Oh, and mas­sive horse­power andVolvo diffs, that goes without say­ing.

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