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A set of mo­tor­bike carbs should cost be­tween £100 and £150 from mo­tor­bike break­ers.Try to buy the back­ing plate for the air fil­ter box, be­cause it can be used as a tem­plate to make your own air fil­ter. When buy­ing sec­ond-hand, look for ac­ci­dent dam­age. Check the throt­tle and choke link­age op­er­ates freely and the but­ter­flies close to­gether (the spin­dle may be bent if they don’t close to­gether). En­sure the plas­tic di­aphragm cov­ers are not cracked be­cause a cracked cover will af­fect the op­er­a­tion of the di­aphragm and nee­dle in­side, caus­ing un­even fu­elling.

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