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Use a bi­cy­cle brake ca­ble for the throt­tle ca­ble. En­sure it has a sol­der­less nip­ple to con­nect to the ac­cel­er­a­tor foot pedal. If the throt­tle ca­ble fouls the un­der­side of the bon­net where it’s con­nected to the carbs be­cause the an­gle of the con­nec­tion points up­wards, fit a 90-de­gree throt­tle link­age con­nec­tion from the R1, which can be sourced from a mo­tor­bike break­ers yards or aYamaha dealer. A man­ual choke ca­ble needs to be fit­ted, which can be op­er­ated from in­side the car. Use an old choke ca­ble and sleeving.

Ch­ester Sports Cars sell an adap­tor kit for £12 which works with the car’s ex­ist­ing throt­tle and choke ca­bles and in­cludes a re­turn spring, ca­ble fit­tings and sol­der­less nip­ples.

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