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Rolling roads are crim­i­nally un­der­used by the clas­sic Ford fra­ter­nity. Find a good rolling road op­er­a­tor who’s well versed in clas­sic Fords, and they will save you time, cash and prob­a­bly skinned knuck­les too. Rolling roads aren’t just there for record­ing power fig­ures, they help fine-tune the fu­elling and ig­ni­tion sys­tems too, and even help di­ag­nose prob­lems. And rolling roads aren’t just for tuned clas­sic Fords — they can op­ti­mise the set­tings on a stan­dard one, too. It’ll typ­i­cally cost you £100-150 for a set-up and power run — which is money well spent in our book. Find out more: Northamp­ton Motorsport, 01604 766624, www.northamp­ton RRS Rolling Road Ser­vices, 07879 658746, www.face­

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