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Kurt Tann

From: UK Cars: Sierra Es­tate Kurt’s rolling project is no stranger to these pages, but the State as it’s now known, has taken a rad­i­cal new di­rec­tion — he’s tur­bo­ing the Zetec.

“I’ve used an RS1800 in­let con­verted to top feed, 630cc Deka in­jec­tors, Fo­cus RS in­ter­nals, 1.8 in­let cam, 106 GTi 160 lb valve springs and re­tain­ers, hy­brid GT25 turbo, and a home-made man­i­fold and 3 inch sys­tem. I’ve up­graded the run­ning gear to match, with an XR4x4 rear set-up with LSD, GAZ GT shocks and HR springs, Fo­cus front coil-overs and Cossie four-pots.”

“It’s all been built in my shed over the last four-and-a-half months aided by my mate do­ing the wiring for the Me­gaSquirt while I fet­tled other bits and learnt toTiG up all the boost pipes and ex­haust sys­tem! “I’m hop­ing to get it out on a strip in the Spring.”

A proper Homebuilt Hero in the mak­ing!

Man­i­fold is home-brewed.

XRX4x4 rear diff in place.

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