Classic Ford - - MOTORSPORT - Dave Colledge

Retro Ford’s Dave is best-known for his rapid Duratec and Zetec Es­corts, but it’s the Mk1 Cortina that he’s al­ways had more of an in­ter­est in — ever since he pulled his first one out of a scrap­yard when he was 16.This early 1962 two-door is his lat­est, but with seven other Mk1 Corti­nas to look af­ter he’s de­cided to let the orig­i­nal left-hooker go. “I like the styling of the Mk1 and they’re a good ba­sis for a build, be­ing lighter than the Es­cort. Many of the parts that are sold through the busi­ness have evolved from be­ing on my own Mk1s.”

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