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It’s all go for Mike as he steams ahead with the Mk1’s lat­est re­vamp in time for the shows.

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With the com­pound turbo set-up in, Mike turns his at­ten­tion to the in­te­rior.

Over the win­ter pe­riod the Fi­esta ended up off the road and SORN’d to en­able me to tin­ker with a few bits, and be­fore I knew it I had sold all the su­per­charger parts and had fully com­mit­ted to the com­pound turbo route.The more I dis­man­tled the car the more ar­eas I saw that needed im­prove­ments.

For ex­am­ple, as soon as the seats were re­moved I shipped them down to James at Raw-Hide Up­hol­stery to have cus­tom leather seat cov­ers made up. These seats have al­ways been as un­com­fort­able as they look, and de­spite this I want to keep them as they are the fo­cal point of the in­te­rior. James has ac­cepted the chal­lenge to make them a lit­tle more bear­able for longer drives and in­tro­duce a retro-race in­te­rior feel at the same time. I am ea­gerly await­ing James’s call say­ing they are done as the pho­tos he has sent me so far of his progress are re­ally im­pres­sive.

With the seats re­moved I also ripped out the rest of the in­te­rior to get to the bulk­head where I need to make brack­ets to mount my new Wil­wood pedal box, and I will also use this op­por­tu­nity to tidy some of the wiring up. I’ve also got to at­tack the bulk­head with a hole-saw to en­able me to run boost pipes into the car and onto the charge-cooler. I have also made an alu­minium gearshift tower that has swaged holes in to match the Kirkey seats. Along­side the gearshift tower, I am in the process of mount­ing an OBP hy­draulic hand­brake to aid launch­ing at Santa Pod. I’ll ad­mit the main rea­son is be­cause it looks cool and it adds to the pub points!

TIG time

The cus­tom six-speed gear­box bearer has been cut and I’ve TIG welded it all up along with the drive­shaft bracket and a new al­ter­na­tor mount. Stupidly I de­cided to lighten them by drilling loads of holes in the 5 mm steel as it weighed a fair bit. This proved to be a job I wish I never started as it turned into hours at the pil­lar drill with cut­ting fluid all over my shoes. The end re­sult looks like Swiss cheese brack­ets with at least 30 per cent of the ma­te­rial re­moved. Time will tell if I have weak­ened it too much, but they are all no­tice­ably lighter.

The best up­date has to be where I’ve fi­nally of­fered up the two tur­bos and tubu­lar man­i­fold in the en­gine bay, and fit­ted the shiny new Tial ex­ter­nal waste­gate com­plete with screamer pipe. I’ve also made up some turbo sup­port brack­ets that will mount onto the en­gine and the gear­box to help take some of the weight of the turbo unit off the man­i­fold and give sup­port from all the vi­bra­tions. Another ad­di­tion to the en­gine bay is the coil-on-plug bracket. This was cut from 8 mm alu­minium to hold Toy­ota Yaris coils and should pro­vide a stronger spark for when we start push­ing more boost through the en­gine.

Go­ing for Gold

The best re­cent pur­chase has to be my new Gaz Gold coil-overs that came from Out­law Motorsport. I placed the or­der with Steve and he was kind enough to send me out the set that he had lined up for his own project, as there was a wait list for new kits at the time. He was very help­ful with spec­c­ing the right spring rates and heights and he even sorted me out with a pair of rear poly­bushed trail­ing arms to add to the rear sus­pen­sion set-up. With re­gards to the ex­te­rior, I have taken the arches off the car with the in­ten­tion of paint­ing them body colour. On closer in­spec­tion I no­ticed how much work they needed be­fore I painted them in a beige gloss fin­ish. So as a start­ing point I have dusted them over in a white coat to high­light the is­sues whilst I prep them.

Another re­ally big change is the wheels. I bought back the Graku split-rim cen­tres then stripped and painted them sil­ver. The dishes came from a Stephan Müller over in Ger­many and when they ar­rived I shipped them straight off to Voodoo Motorsport for kerb­ing re­pairs and a good pol­ish. I have un­der­taken the pol­ish­ing on pre­vi­ous sets of split-rims I’ve owned but with all the hours I in­vest in them I can never get the same lus­tre that Voodoo Motorsport can achieve.

When I col­lected the dishes I knew straight away I had made the right choice in get­ting them done by the pro­fes­sion­als. They look bet­ter than new and this en­cour­aged me to get them re­built and back on the car as soon as I phys­i­cally could. Don’t get me wrong, I did like the Tur­bo­fan wheels I had on it be­fore, but these I feel are bet­ter suited to the car’s era and ev­ery­one knows you have to change it all to keep peo­ple guess­ing, plus it gives me some­thing to do!


Mike’s bought back his old Graku split-rim cen­tres, paint­ing them sil­ver and adding new outer rims from Ger­many.

The dash is out to cut out holes in the bulk­head to al­low the boost pipes to run in­side the car...

Mike’s still sort­ing out the en­gine bay lay­out af­ter in­stalling the com­pound turbo set-up, though he’s got dis­tracted with other ar­eas of the car.

Arches are be­ing prepped and painted ready for the shows.

Out­law Motorsport’s trail­ing arms to go on.

Gear­box mount and brack­ets now third lighter.

Split-rims pol­ished up by Voodoo Motorsport.

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