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Cross­flow num­bers

Q I have a 711M Cross­flow block with a T9 cast­ing num­ber on it. Could you tell what would be the max­i­mum safe bore out of this block? Frank Hates Email

A There are myths sur­round­ing the Cross­flow cast­ing marks, and a lot of them will be foundry marks — it’s only the part num­bers which have real im­por­tance.

With T9, or any of the T num­bers there is no de­fin­i­tive an­swer to how far you can go with a re­bore. Peo­ple tend to be­lieve that the higher the T num­ber, the thicker the block, but this has been dis­missed by peo­ple within Ford, and we’ve seen low T num­ber blocks be­ing bored out and work­ing per­fectly well.

Un­less you specif­i­cally want a 1700, the max­i­mum safe bore on a Cross­flow is +0.060 inch (1658cc) rather than go to the max­i­mum which is +0.090 inch (1688cc). Even bet­ter, go to +0.040 inch and that’ll give you a re­bore to go should the worst hap­pen.

Bulk­head mods

Q How easy is it to fit fi­fit a more modern en­gine into a 100E? I’ve been told that it’s eas­ier to fit fi­fit an en­gine into the 107E, but as these are all four-doors, it’s a bit of a non-starter for me. I haven’t de­cided yet if I want to fit a Cross­flow, Pinto or an Es­sex or Cologne V6 — it all de­pends on which one will need the least work to get in. Ge­off Richards Email

A You have to cut the bulk­head no mat­ter what you want to fit, so you’d be bet­ter off de­cid­ing which en­gine of­fers what you want and work around that. You’re right about the 107E, it’s al­ready fit­ted with the 105E Pre-Cross-flow en­gine so it’s pos­si­ble to fit the Cross­flow with­out too much ag­gro. With the 100E, it’s ma­jor surgery.You need to cut out the bulk­head and trans­mis­sion tun­nel and fab­ri­cate a whole new one.

It’s a job for the brave, but to help, Old Ford Auto Ser­vices sup­ply ba­sic plans for peo­ple plan­ning to fit the Pinto which show where to cut the floor and the bulk­head.

It’s one of the worst of the older Fords to tackle — most of the oth­ers will take the Pinto en­gine fairly eas­ily. With the 100E, you keep the orig­i­nal shell but pretty much ev­ery­thing else has to be mod­i­fied.

RS2000 al­loys

Q I’ve been of­fered a set of Mk2 RS2000 four-spoke rims, but they look very sim­i­lar to the al­loys fit­ted on a Capri Laser to me. How can I tell the dif­fer­ence? Q Chris Woods Email

A They do look very sim­i­lar at first glance, and as both types of wheel are the same size and have the same off­set, there’s no point get­ting the tape mea­sure out. But if you know what you are look­ing for, there are some dif­fer­ences which you can spot quite eas­ily.

On the RS2000 wheels, the shoul­der around the nut re­cess is quite fine and more im­por­tantly, the shoul­ders of the wheel nut holes are flat.

The Laser rims have a wider shoul­der around the wheel nut re­cesses and they use a ta­pered wheel nut, so the fix­ing holes have a cham­fer. On the RS2000 rim, the year of man­u­fac­ture will also be clearly cast into one of the spokes.

There are a cou­ple of other wheels to watch out for if you’re new to all this. The Mk1 RS2000 wheel is a 5.5x13 rim (not a 6x13 like the Mk2 RS2000) and there’s also the 6x13 inch Fi­esta Su­pers­port wheel, which looks sim­i­lar but is ac­tu­ally an in­set wheel for front-wheel drive.

7x13s on a Cor­sair

Q I’ve just bought a 1969 Cor­sair and want to fit a set of 7x13 Ally Cat Ral­lye Spe­cial al­loys to it, but I’m strug­gling to get a straight an­swer from any­one on what mods I’d need to do to fit them. Jon White­stone Email

A You need to check the off­set (most 7x13s for rear-wheel-drive Ford fit­ment are around ET0), and it does de­pend how low the car is, but gen­er­ally 7x13 wheels with a suit­able rear-drive off­set — even with the larger 185/60R13 tyres — will fit a low­ered Cor­sair with no rub­bing is­sues.

English op­tions

Q Can you tell me which diff ra­tios were orig­i­nally avail­able from Ford for the English axle? Phil Red­grove Email

A Yes, in­deed we can. There were six ver­sions, and they are listed be­low:

There’s also now an af­ter­mar­ket 3.3:1 crown-wheel and pin­ion set avail­able from Retro Ford for even more ef­fort­less cruis­ing.

To work out which diff you have, it’s quite of­ten stamped onto a tag on one of the bear­ing caps, but if yours is miss­ing, count the num­ber of teeth on the crown-wheel and di­vide it by the num­ber of teeth on the pin­ion.

Ig­nore cast­ing num­bers on Cross­flow blocks, it’s the state of the bores that help de­ter­mine how far you can go with the ca­pac­ity on one.

Fit­ting any­thing other than a side­valve en­gine into a 100E Pop or Anglia means reworking the bulk­head.

7x13 Ally Cats will fit most clas­sic Fords if they have the right off­set.

There are a num­ber of tell­tale clues to iden­tify gen­uine RS2000 four-spokes.

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