HOW TO: Re­place outer sills

Sills rot­ten? Here’s your step-by-step guide to re­plac­ing them at home.

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Are your clas­sic Ford’s sills rot­ten? Here’s your easy-to-fol­low guide to re­plac­ing the outer ones at home us­ing ba­sic tools.

When rust has claimed a com­plete outer sill, it’s wise to re­place the en­tire sec­tion rather than at­tempt to fab­ri­cate nu­mer­ous short-term patches. When fit­ting ei­ther a com­plete New Old Stock panel or a full re­pro­duc­tion part, the re­mains of the orig­i­nal outer sill must be un­picked from the car’s struc­ture so the new part can be lo­cated ac­cu­rately.

How­ever, be­cause full sill pan­els are un­avail­able for many clas­sics, the fit­ting of a non-orig­i­nal skin sill might be your only op­tion. The MoT test classes these as a large re­pair piece and there­fore they must be welded con­tin­u­ously.

Un­for­tu­nately, few outer sill re­place­ments do not in­volve fur­ther work. De­pend­ing on how ex­ten­sive the cor­ro­sion is, once the sill’s re­moved you may have to ex­e­cute home-made re­pairs to the A, B or C-posts, floors and the in­ner sills, all of which must be welded con­tin­u­ously. Be pre­pared for the ad­di­tional work.

The rusty outer sill can be cut away with an an­gle grinder fit­ted with a metal-cut­ting disc, but be wary of ac­ci­den­tally dam­ag­ing the ad­ja­cent pan­els.

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