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A sim­ple but ef­fec­tive way of run­ning a clas­sic Ford-friendly fu­elling sys­tem on Zetec con­ver­sions is to use the We­ber 32/36DGV twin-choke carb, and now Retro Ford can sup­ply a com­plete, pre-as­sem­bled kit to make it a bolt-on-and-go job. The kit in­cludes a new carb jet­ted to suit, in­let man­i­fold, link­age, and pre-mapped ig­ni­tion man­age­ment ECU and loom (above). The beauty of this set-up is the down­draught carb won’t foul the stan­dard brake mas­ter cylin­der/servo on Corti­nas, Mk1 and Mk2 Es­corts, Capris, Anglia 105Es and Sier­ras, and you can keep the stan­dard fuel tank set-up too, as only one fuel line is needed, and there’s no need for a swirl pot. The kits works with both Sil­ver and Black Top Zetecs and can be used with the ST170 en­gine, too — if the in­let man­i­fold is port-matched to the head. Con­tact: 01536 204823,

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