Classic Ford - - TAUNUS TC -

TheTaunusTC shares its plat­form with the Mk3 Cortina, but the most ob­vi­ous fea­ture of the UK model is miss­ing from its Ger­man sib­ling — that now-iconic Coke bot­tle styling. In­stead, theTC has its own door skins and rear quar­ters which give it a more sober and squared-off look, and as a con­se­quence the tail­lights and bootlid are en­tirely dif­fer­ent, too. En­gine choices were ap­pro­pri­ately mar­ket-spe­cific too — while a choice of Pinto sizes were avail­able for both, theTaunus never had the Cross­flow, us­ing a 1300 ver­sion of the Pinto for the smaller ca­pac­ity mod­els in­stead. And it’s pos­si­ble to tell the dif­fer­ence from the front — the Cortina’s in­di­ca­tors are smaller, and theTaunus has a more pro­nounced yet slim­mer bulge in the bon­net’s nose, which makes the grille a dif­fer­ent shape.

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