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Stephen Ran­some re­ally does know his 1978 1.6 GL in­side out – his par­ents bought it when it was a year old and he’s re­stored it from the ground up. He first drove it at 15 and in 1988, aged 19, he took own­er­ship of the Jupiter Red Cortina and although al­ways car­ing for it, Stephen knew it needed work.Taken off the road at Christ­mas 1990, it wouldn’t make it back un­til 24 years later. “My Dad said it was an ob­ses­sion, rather than a hobby,” laughs Stephen, who also owns two more Corti­nas (a 2.0S and a 2.3 Ghia) to­gether with his late par­ents’ Mk2 Granada. “Find­ing bits wasn’t al­ways easy, but I’d re­place parts as they be­came avail­able and all that’s orig­i­nal of the body is the roof, near­side front chas­sis rail, most of the bulk­head and floor, bon­net and near­side front door. It was worth it for the memories that it holds of my par­ents, like go­ing on fam­ily hol­i­days with my sis­ter Carol, and grand­par­ents.”

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