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Whether it’s the Type 3 or stronger Type E four-speed gear­box, the lat­ter in larger-en­gined four-cylin­der mod­els up­wards, the signs of wear are the same — tired syn­chro­mesh, an im­pre­cise gear shift and rum­bling bear­ings. Op­tional Borg Warner au­to­matic gear­box is re­li­able, but check it smoothly takes up drive — it should only take a cou­ple of se­conds — and that all gears are se­lected smoothly. If there’s any slip­page, then it’s of­ten sorted with a sim­ple fluid change, although if the fluid’s black and smells of burn­ing it’s a sign that the ’box has ad­vanced wear. Rear end is re­li­able, even a whin­ing axle able to sol­dier on for many miles, but check the diff cover for cor­ro­sion that’s let­ting oil leak and con­se­quently run­ning the diff dry.

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