1. Al­ways buy the best car you can af­ford — even if you pay more money, it’ll be cheaper ion the long run be­cause you will al­ways un­der es­ti­mate how much parts cost to re­place. And that’s es­pe­cially now as the most mun­dane piece seems to com­mand a for­tune.

2. Be re­al­is­tic about your abil­i­ties and don’t be afraid to farm out work — but do your home­work and use a re­li­able trusted spe­cial­ist rather than the bloke that’s flavour of the month!

3. Do one job at a time un­til it’s fin­ished — don’t be tempted to do the glory bits first; save them to last if you can be­cause then you have some­thing to look for­ward to. One piece/area at a time — al­though some­times it’s more eco­nom­i­cal to work on sev­eral sec­tions — like hav­ing all of the sus­pen­sion pow­der coated as a batch will cost less than in­di­vid­ual bits. But, work on say the front first then the back as too much at a time will get you snowed un­der.

4. If you have lim­ited ex­pe­ri­ence, build a car that uses mostly bolt-on bits. It maybe for­mu­laic and it might cost more to buy all the kits but you’ll need to out-weigh that against time and, the length it takes to fin­ish it.

5. Work with your mates — hav­ing like­minded friends around you rather than slog­ging it out on your own makes car build­ing far more en­joy­able. Plus, if you’re com­mit­ted to some­one com­ing over to help, you’ll do it rather than sim­ply go in­doors and watchTV!

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