Re­store your pre-rack clas­sic Ford’s steer­ing feel with our step-by-step guide.

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Re­build your steer­ing box Re­store your box-equipped clas­sic Ford’s steer­ing feel with our com­pre­hen­sive step-bystep guide.

Few of us pay much at­ten­tion to the steer­ing box on our clas­sic Ford un­til some­thing goes wrong with it. But if you’ve ever had to ma­noeu­vre a car whose box has be­come ex­ces­sively worn or stiff, you’ll know how im­por­tant it is to keep the set-up in good con­di­tion and topped up with the cor­rect fluid.

While you can at­tempt to re­build your unit at home, it’s a job best left to those with the spe­cial­ist tools and knowl­edge. The steer­ing box in the fol­low­ing se­quence was re­built by Si­mon Everett of Steer­ing Ser­vices. He fre­quently gets calls from en­thu­si­asts halfway through the job who re­alise they’re in over their heads.

“If you’re go­ing to try it at home,” ex­plains Si­mon, “work slowly in a me­thod­i­cal way and be sure to mark any piece that you think you might re­in­stall in­cor­rectly. And please, if you’re bring­ing me a box to work on, give the out­side a de­cent clean and try to empty it of as much fluid as pos­si­ble first!”

Here’s how it’s done.


Loosen the self-lock­ing nut that fixes the drop arm. Then use a suit­able hub puller to re­move the arm be­cause it’s likely to be firmly in place. Mark the arm’s po­si­tion in re­la­tion to the sec­tor shaft to en­sure it goes back on fac­ing the cor­rect way. Re­move the grub screw for the lock­ing rack ad­juster, in this case us­ing a suit­able hexagon key. Drift the re­tainer ring out from the cover plate for the cylin­der, us­ing a drift to ease it out­wards, and re­move it. Be care­ful not to bend it with ex­ces­sive force be­cause you’ll be reusing it. Gen­tly ham­mer the sec­tor shaft up and out us­ing a soft mal­let. As it’s be­ing re­moved, be pre­pared for more power steer­ing fluid to pour out.

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