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Struc­tural rust is likely in the bulk­head, in­ner wings, strut tops, chas­sis rails, sills and floor­pan. Sills of sun­roof-sun­roof-sun­roof-equipped cars can suf­fer the most as this is where the of­ten-blocked drain holes are.The floor is prone to rust where the front footwells join the sills, while the boot floor is of­ten holed in the corners. More vis­i­ble rust is com­mon in the rear arches, around the filler cap, front panel where it joins the front wings, edges of the bootlid, wings and doors, and around the front and rear wind­screens. Re­place­ment pan­els and re­pair sec­tions are plen­ti­ful, but NOS Ford pan­els are get­ting costly — a wing cost­ing around £200 and a front panel circa £250-£300.

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