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Heavy breath­ing, smok­ing, er­ratic idling and a thirst for oil are all signs that the smaller ca­pac­ity OHV en­gines have ad­vanced pis­ton, pis­ton ring and bore wear. An in­ter­mit­tent ‘clack­ing’ sound is a re­sult of the camshaft fol­low­ers hav­ing split and cracked. Of­ten­closed points are a com­mon cause of rough run­ning.

A worn CVH will also emit blue smoke and breathe heavy, but an oily en­gine bay can also be down to the com­monly-blown rocker cover gas­ket. A noisy top end can mean that the camshaft is dam­aged, due to the lifters be­ing sludged up as a re­sult of in­fre­quently changed oil. Poor run­ning is of­ten caused by a worn dis­trib­u­tor that’s ad­vanc­ing too early.

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