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1 We’ve cov­ered this be­fore and a fur­ther ex­am­i­na­tion showed that oil was es­cap­ing from the en­gine some­where above the sump gas­ket. We had sus­pected a leak­ing oil pres­sure gauge, which is sit­u­ated at the back of the block. 2 As it’s im­pos­si­ble to gain ac­cess to the rear of the Jaguar’s en­gine from above, the only way to in­spect this area was to re­move the front wheel be­fore tak­ing off part of the plas­tic wheel arch liner. 3 Thank­fully we didn’t have to re­move the whole arch liner as there was a handy in­spec­tion panel cut into the lower half held in place by a cross head screw and sev­eral plas­tic riv­ets, which were all care­fully lev­ered out and reused. 4 Soon as cover came off we could see it was the front crank­shaft oil seal that was leak­ing and throw­ing oil all over the place. A new seal will be or­dered from our spon­sors, David Man­ners Group, and we’ll sort this job next time.

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