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Head­lamps are one of those items which have al­ways been sourced from spe­cial­ists since the very first days of mo­tor­ing, from the acety­lene lamps of the Ed­war­dian era to the mod­ern high-in­ten­sity ‘pro­jec­tor’ units with LED run­ning lights of to­day. This means that many cars share lamp units (how many Bri­tish clas­sics use seven-inch Lu­cas head­lamps?) and many low-vol­ume cars pil­fer lamps from else­where. Even a mar­que as pres­ti­gious as Aston Martin wasn’t im­mune, not even on its ul­ti­mate ‘gen­tle­man’s ex­press’, the Vi­rage. The front lamps came from the Audi 200 and the rear light units came from the Mk2 Volk­swa­gen Scirocco. The higher-per­for­mance (and even higher priced) Van­tage ver­sion had a facelift which saw the VW lamps dropped in favour of ones from a Hun­gar­ian Bova coach. The thing is, VW’s stocks of rear lamps ran out a long time ago and with Sciroc­cos be­ing rel­a­tively unloved un­til re­cently you’ll find Aston and VW own­ers fight­ing over the same parts – in fact Aston spe­cial­ists are more likely to have squir­reled away some lamp units than their Audi or Volk­swa­gen coun­ter­parts. And for fur­ther cred, those Bova rear lamps would also go onto the McLaren F1, surely mak­ing them the fastest coach brake lights ever.

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