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Why did you want a Ford Racing Puma?

I al­ready thought the stan­dard Puma was a great lit­tle car, and the Racing Puma is just that lit­tle bit more spe­cial and rare.

What is the best bargain on your FRP?

Noth­ing on an FRP is a bargain! I did drop lucky on a brand new set of fully built sus­pen­sion though.

Have you dared to add up the to­tal cost of the restora­tion?

I kept a record of ev­ery last nut and bolt so I could tell you to the penny - but in the in­ter­ests of mat­ri­mo­nial har­mony, let’s just say it’s prob­a­bly not far off what the first owner paid for it new!

What would you do dif­fer­ently if you re­stored an­other FRP?

I wish I’d de­tailed the en­gine and en­gine bay whilst the en­gine was out of the car - but as the car was with Chris Al­li­son, 60 miles away, and it would have held up his work, I couldn’t. That’s a job for an­other year.

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