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Small rust spots that emerge in chrome bumpers and other bright­work can some­times be re­moved with a good pol­ish and lots of el­bow grease to buff up the ex­te­rior. Quite a few gen­eral metal pol­ishes, such as Brasso, are ef­fec­tive, whereas some car metal pol­ishes in­clude a sealant to help pro­tect the ex­te­rior.


Ex­ces­sive cor­ro­sion on a car’s bright­work prob­a­bly can­not be re­moved just by us­ing pol­ish. In­stead, try soak­ing some fine wire wool in paint thin­ner, then gen­tly rub­bing it over the cor­ro­sion. Keep the wool soaked in thin­ner and don’t rub too hard.


Use a clean cloth to wipe off the dirt, rust residue and re­mains of the paint thin­ner to see if the cor­ro­sion has been re­moved. This method may not re­store the bright­work, but it will hope­fully re­move the un­sightly cor­ro­sion.

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