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FILM 19 September 24, 2020 Government of Western Australia Transport Department of Make a difference Lifejacket clinic Woodman Point Bring your lifejacket to a free clinic to learn how to maintain it and receive a $30 voucher if it needs parts or replacemen­t. The initiative is part of the Department of Transport’s boating safety program Make a difference, maintain and wear your lifejacket. Email to register for a free clinic at Woodman Point – Boat ramp carpark on Sunday, 4 October at 9am and 10am. Keeps you guessing Numbers are limited and conditions apply. For more informatio­n visit:­s DOT_16908_1515 So when Angstrom receives an email saying the first 10 pages have been uploaded to the internet and there are more to follow if he does not pay a hefty ransom, he knows only one of the nine could have done it. Much like Knives Out last year, The Translator­s sets out to have fun with the genre, playing around with the ingredient­s of a good mystery with archetypal characters and the enclosed setting. Also similarly, halfway through it becomes more of a why-dunnit and the why of it is an intricate web of twists that will have you guessing right up to the last second. As the tension increases, so does the melodrama, yet any Agatha Christie fan knows this is what makes the genre so enjoyable to watch. But The Translator­s is also about the high stakes of the art and business of language, whether you are the one who writes it or sells it. THE TRANSLATOR­S (M) 94% THE Translator­s brings together a multi-national cast of characters for a literary whodunnit with enough twists and turns to satisfy any mystery fan. Publisher Eric Angstrom (Lambert Wilson) has hired nine linguists to translate the final book in a blockbuste­r trilogy from French into their native language. To maintain absolute secrecy they must hunker down in a luxury bunker, DIRECTOR: Regis Roinsard STARRING: Lambert Wilson, Alex Lawther, Olga Kurylenko OF OUR READERS LIKE TO SUPPORT LOCAL TRADES AND BUSINESSES Make your presence known! to discuss solutions to suit your local area marketing campaign. NOW SHOWING Call 13 20 13 now without phones or internet, and translate the manuscript a few pages at a time. Source: Local Reader Panel Advertisin­g Survey conducted by Marketinte­l October 2017. Communityn­ews “Staying near the family means everything to me.” Irene, 97 Bethanie Resident and Life Expert Moving into a new place can be full of unknowns. Will you be able to keep the things that are important to you? How often will friends and family be able to visit? And what new friends will you make? Our resident Life Experts tell us that staying close to the places you’re familiar and comfortabl­e with is important as you get older. So we have Bethanie Subiaco suites in this highly sought-after area to help you stay connected to your community. While, of course, enjoying the safety and security of having people around you to help 24/7. To see how Bethanie Subiaco can help you get more out of life, please call us for a personal tour today. After all, it’s just around the corner. Take a tour today. Bethanie Subiaco Aged Care Home 45 Bishop St, Subiaco | 131 151 COC

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