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“We’re quite unique be­cause we have an in-house pat­tern mak­ing team,” says Alexie. “The de­sign team work very closely with the pat­tern mak­ers, which I think is key to our suc­cess. We hand over our de­signs to the pat­tern mak­ers firstly and ex­plain to them the kind of look and feel we’re want­ing to cre­ate from our sketch and they’ll make a toile from there. The toile is a mock up of the de­sign in calico fab­ric, so the main thing we’re look­ing at is the pro­por­tion of the de­sign, the de­sign lines [and] length. Then we are also look­ing at fit but we have to use our ex­pe­ri­enced eye to imag­ine what the gar­ment will look like in the cor­rect fab­ric.” The team then re­views the toile with the pat­tern mak­ers be­fore the first sam­ple is made in prepa­ra­tion for re­view in a de­sign meet­ing.

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