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“Dum Dum” Dugan

Fury’s com­i­cally at­tired – and, as Ti­mothy Aloy­sius Cad­wal­lader Dugan, sim­i­larly named – right-hand man; he’s hulk­ing, loyal, gruff and of­ten pre­sented as Fury’s deputy. An ex-cir­cus strong­man, he was orig­i­nally Bri­tish, but was soon ret­conned as Bos­ton Ir­ish; one of his rare mo­ments out­side Fury’s shadow was when he fronted SHIELD’s ’70s anti-Godzilla ef­forts.

Gabe Jones

The black, horn-blow­ing, his­tor­i­cally un­likely (the US Army was seg­re­gated un­til 1948) mem­ber of Nick Fury’s WW2 Howl­ing Com­man­dos, who later en­joyed a long ca­reer as a some­how fit-as-a-fid­dle SHIELD field agent in the ’70s and ’80s, and was more re­cently killed to show what a badass new Mark Mil­lar/JR Jr vil­lain Gor­gon is. Boo!

Natasha Ro­manova

SHIELD has had all sorts of su­per­hu­man op­er­a­tives over the years, from Quasar to Wolver­ine, but most en­dur­ing is Natalia Ro­manova/Nas­tasha Ro­manov (and vari­ants of the above), the one-time Rus­sian su­per­spy who’s be­come one of Marvel’s key hero­ines.

John Gar­rett

Co-star of Elek­tra:As­sas­sin, and thus maybe in (but maybe out) of con­ti­nu­ity, this hard-drink­ing cy­borg agent is a par­ody of the Ugly Amer­i­can fig­ure, an amoral dab­bler in Third World af­fairs; he is dis­man­tled but ul­ti­mately redeemed, and helps save the world.

Maria Hill

Cold-fish über-bitch, re­plac­ing Fury as ex­ec­u­tive di­rec­tor of SHIELD fol­low­ing Se­cretWar; by-the­book and of­ten nasty, but never cor­rupt, she’s been one of Marvel’s most suc­cess­ful “shadesof-grey” fig­ures of re­cent years.

Jasper Sitwell

SHIELD’s clean-cut, ea­ger-beaver head geek since the very ear­li­est sto­ries – an Archie char­ac­ter wan­dered onto a Ken Adam 007 set – he’s of­ten to be seen mess­ing around with new, ex­per­i­men­tal pieces of su­per­spy tech; in­deed, he was SHIELD’s li­ai­son to chief sup­plier Stark In­dus­tries for a time.

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