Rob Wil­liams on writ­ing Knights Of Pen­dragon and Su­per Soldiers

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SFX: What are your mem­o­ries of the Marvel UK char­ac­ters? RW: “I do have a lot of fond­ness for them but, be­ing hon­est, I missed the Marvel UK pub­lish­ing ex­plo­sion in the early ’90s so I never read the orig­i­nals. I bought the Knights Of Pen­dragon trade pa­per­back and did some read­ing up, and Andy Lan­ning had a load of old Marvel UK books in his loft so he dug those out. But I love a lot of these char­ac­ters like Pete Wis­dom, Union Jack and Dai Thomas, who I knew from Cap­tain Bri­tain in the ’80s.”


Have you up­dated ei­ther book for the 21st century? RW: “Not re­ally. It was more about tak­ing what they were 20 years ago and show­ing what’s hap­pened since. Rather than give them shiny new zeit­geist-y ar­mour it’s more in­ter­est­ing to re­flect through them what Bri­tain was then and what it is to­day: show how times have changed by cap­tur­ing that nos­tal­gia.”


So how have the Su­per Soldiers and the Knights of Pen­dragon fared in the in­ter­ven­ing years?

“Su­per Soldiers can’t be all that su­per if no one’s read about them in 20 years. But what’s at their core is that they’re soldiers, try­ing to fight the good fight, and that makes them un­der­dogs. They’ve gone down the Andy McNab route and writ­ten their mem­oirs, and a movie is be­ing made about them. Their glory days have gone and then a Mys-Tech base un­leashes an army of Psy­cho War­riors and the Su­per Soldiers are forced to pro­tect in­no­cents and try to re­gain their mojo by be­com­ing ‘su­per’ again.

“Knights Of Pen­dragon was ini­tially like an ahead-of-its-time eco-thriller, so we’re re­turn­ing to that. There’s an un­der­ground frack­ing oper­a­tion with ne­far­i­ous in­tent and shades of Edge Of Dark­ness. When the re­formed Knights ex­plore the mine they dis­cover a great hor­ror there, which is how many see Bri­tain. But in the mag­i­cal realm of Avalon the true na­ture of 2013 Bri­tain is be­ing born. It’s got an end­ing that I 100 per cent guar­an­tee no one will pre­dict. And there are zom­bies too!”

Su­per Soldiers

A team of su­per­hu­man soldiers cre­ated by the Bri­tish govern­ment but dis­banded af­ter a mis­sion in Cam­bo­dia goes badly wrong. Af­ter Ma­jor Joseph Hauer at­tacked his for­mer col­leagues, his unit was pri­va­tised and sold to the Mercy Cor­po­ra­tion.

The Su­per Soldiers: armed and ready.

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