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Death’s Head II

Death’s Head was a ro­botic “free­lance peace­keep­ing agent” who fought the Transformers be­fore be­ing shrunk to hu­man pro­por­tions by the Doc­tor. Al­though de­feated by AIM*’s “Min­ion” – a per­son­al­ity-as­sim­i­lat­ing Su­per Sol­dier – his mind over­rode the cy­borg’s sys­tems, thanks to help from Reed Richards and Min­ion’s cre­ator, Dr Eve­lyn Necker. He teamed up with ar­ti­fi­cial hu­man Tuck and also had two “broth­ers” through the Min­ion pro­gramme, Death Metal and Death Wreck. The daugh­ter of an an­cient sorcerer and di­rec­tor of Mys-Tech, She­vaun Hal­dane was present when the An­gel of Death ar­rived to claim her fa­ther af­ter he was killed by the de­mon Mephisto. It im­planted within her a frag­ment of the uni­verse, grant­ing her in­cred­i­ble but un­pre­dictable and painful pow­ers, and giv­ing her a suit of high-tech body ar­mour so that she could fight Mys-Tech, who planned to use a copy of Earth to en­slave the orig­i­nal.


Mer­ce­nar­ies em­ployed by Mys-Tech to cap­ture tech­nol­ogy or mys­ti­cal arte­facts from other worlds, time pe­ri­ods, or di­men­sions. Used by their su­pe­ri­ors to at­tack the X-Men and make an at­tempt to kill the de­mon Mephisto, they even­tu­ally rebel.


Merged with a strange sub­stance do­ing the sab­o­tage and de­struc­tion of a MysTech re­search fa­cil­ity, sci­en­tist Jonathan Bryant be­comes Digi-Tek, an in­for­ma­tion-based be­ing who can form his body into any­thing he wishes. Michael Molcher

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