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says, to find out,” he have been thrilling

“But his cur­rent suc­cess. re­flect­ing upon have been

I am, I think I’d con­sid­er­ing who like

to know about some­thing more ex­cited two gi­ant

that I’ve got these Fear Agent and I did

of the work that om­nibus col­lec­tions

made up which we just with my bud­dies,

and it’s It’s more per­sonal out of thin air. Amer­ica

a job on Cap­tain mine. Get­ting thou­sand

I’m one of the is su­per cool but

worked on Cap­tain oth­ers who have

was 100% Fear Agent, that Amer­ica. With If time

and Tony Moore. me, Jerome Opena

a mes­sage and I could send travel ex­isted mind!”

it’d blow the kid’s back, I’m sure

re­turned to You’ve re­cently Comic He­roes: Comics

field atI­mage the cre­ator-owned

ex­clu­sively for Marvel for af­ter work­ing your sev­eral years. fare? Is it tricky bal­anc­ing

with your own Marvel com­mit­ments

it’s you can jug­gle it, Rick Re­mender: “If

a big to jump from writ­ing def­i­nitely fun go

epic and to then Cap­tain Amer­ica

story or into a pulp sci-fi back and sink more

I can have a lit­tle some­thing where won­der­ful

it’s been re­ally room to play. But

owned years do­ing cre­ator- as I spent 10

to Marvel. Marvel books be­fore com­ing play­ground.

and such a fun has been a blast with

lot work­ing there I’ve learned a whole

ed­i­tors and, in fact, some re­ally ter­rific the

who is now run­ning Se­bas­tian Girner, projects, is

my new Im­age shop on most of with

edi­tor, who I worked a for­mer Marvel

Franken­cas­tle. on Pu­n­isher and

also an in­cred­i­ble “That said, it’s

do­ing what I spent plea­sure to be back

which is in the first place, so long do­ing char­ac­ters.

worlds and new de­vel­op­ing new

of my­self to insert a bit As much as I try

try to find I write – you into ev­ery char­ac­ter

with or some­thing some­thing to iden­tify

in even the con­nect with hu­man you can do­ing

a lit­tle dif­fi­cult worst vil­lain – it’s around

that have been that with char­ac­ters

You kind of of con­ti­nu­ity. for 40/50 years

the rain­drops, but have to dance through

it’s a wide owned project with a cre­ator- yourself

can put all of open field and you

or a story.” into a char­ac­ter lead char­ac­ter

Grant CH: Black Sci­ence’s

the most mem­o­rable McKay is pos­si­bly

V had his an­ar­chist since comic book sub­ver­sive

a mem­ber of a Vendetta. He’s

of Sci­en­tists – An­ar­chist Or­der so­ci­ety, The sci-fi?

your love of pulp is that a nod to

more into my “That ac­tu­ally leans

be­ing 16 It’s more about punk rock roots. your

to Crass, shak­ing years old, lis­ten­ing

kiss my All author­ity can fist and go­ing, ‘ of

some of the tenets ass!’ That’s tak­ing

of the fun con­cepts an­ar­chy, and some

as a were re­ally in­ter­est­ing that I thought

more adult try­ing to find a teenager, and

al­though that’s not to path for them – place.

there in the first say they weren’t

are Or­der of Sci­en­tists The An­ar­chist break­ing

the rules, they’re not fol­low­ing own

trust­ing their the bound­aries and

ma­jor is one of the in­tel­lects, which some

an­ar­chy. Not hav­ing hall­marks of how you

you, telling you author­ity over can do some­thing.”

one of your for­ma­tive Was punk rock in­flu­ences?

mak­ing comic “It’s why I started

were Me and my bud­dies books in 1997. evenings

we spent our all an­i­ma­tors and

but work­ing and hav­ing fun, not out dat­ing do it

be­cause we could on comic books

me that rock re­ally gave our­selves. Punk like

up lis­ten­ing to bands no­tion as I grew

all got Bad Brains, who’d Black Flag and Ra­mones

they’d seen The to­gether be­cause

we can do this too!’” and thought, ‘Hey,

of Deadly also sees the de­but CH: Jan­uary academy

place in an Class, which takes

flip-side of killers. Is it the for pro­fes­sional Black Sci­ence?

grounded. It’s a world RR: “It’s more

el­e­ments, which with­out su­per­nat­u­ral

on com­pletely fo­cus­ing means that I’m

be a 15-year­what it’s like to hu­man­ity and

fit in. It’s where you don’t old in a place high school

ex­pe­ri­ence of deal­ing with that

a high school in this case it’s in gen­eral but back isn’t

the dag­ger in your for as­sas­sins so al­ways metaphor­i­cal.

thing about Deadly “The in­ter­est­ing

it’s no no Bat­tle Royale, Class is that it’s

story and a re­ally a hu­man blood­bath. It’s to

about what it’s like deep in­ves­ti­ga­tion when

to have that pas­sion: be that age and had

with that girl you you were in love shat­ter­ing

what an earth- a crush on and

liked some­body was when she ex­pe­ri­ence it that

the added wrin­kle else. Then there’s

people at ex­pected to kill these kids are For

all prize stu­dents. some point. They’re

as their that’s their legacy most of them,

the lead as­sas­sins par­ents were maybe

then in the ’40s and for Star­lin back

girl and the Mex­i­can there’s the Yakuza

got all these in­ter­est­ing car­tel… So you’ve

like can iden­tify with things ev­ery­body

but with the and in­se­cu­ri­ties ex­pec­ta­tions

on top.” oc­ca­sional mur­der that you’ve

drawn CH: You’ve said for

your own back­ground ex­ten­sively on Deadly Class…

which is a “I grew up in Phoenix,

I was As a teenager, very vi­o­lent place. was

a friend of mine wit­ness to a mur­der,

beaten in­jured, and I was shot and re­ally

a re­ally in­ter­est­ing by gang­sters. I had Phoenix

I didn’t fit into ex­pe­ri­ence be­cause

the out­cast bud­dies were like – me and my not the

weirdos. It was punk rock­ers and

guy be­cause it be that kind of right place to jocks and

thick-necked was pop­u­lated by

who were kinds of people all other dif­fer­ent not my people. and

knit group of guys “I was in a small

our own all of that from we got to wit­ness I

was one of the things lit­tle bub­ble. That

‘I don’t that feel­ing of, wanted to ex­plore;

ter­ri­ble place,’ but also be­long here in this

that I had, the drug the mis­ad­ven­tures

They’re the gun fights. abuse tales and

I want to lived through. things I ac­tu­ally metaphors

not just with in­ject the story, pep­per­ing

the oc­ca­sional about my life or

that ac­tu­ally but with things of phi­los­o­phy, tell

I’m not go­ing to hap­pened to me.

aren’t are real and which people which

taken out of you’re kind of be­cause then

at least two the first trade, the story but in will be

that I lived through or three things in there.”

some of that CH: Did you Rogers’s want to bring

sta­tus to Steve out­sider fig­ure fam­ily his­tory?

Amer­ica and that “He’s Cap­tain

But I him into Amer­ica. ob­vi­ously ties he

the fact that also wanted to ex­plore

part of the Amer­i­can comes from the

that it was go­ing to did?’ I then re­alised

he’d Red Skull be­cause have to be the few

head in the first seen into Wolver­ine’s

to do knew he didn’t need is­sues and he cam­paign

given me a PR any­thing. ‘You’ve

Avenger who also leads as you’ve got an killed

kills chil­dren and a kill squad that

who in turn killed War­ren Worthington,

These in a town in Mon­tana.’ 5,000 people use in

Red Skull could are things that the

to do what the Nazis a real-world sit­u­a­tion

a bunch which is to rally did in Ger­many,

that they around some­one of an­gry people

at, which is their frus­tra­tion can di­rect all

with the mu­tants. what he’s do­ing

foun­da­tion, I then “So once I got that

hav­ing raised the next had the idea of Kang

the or­der to ma­nip­u­late Apoca­lypse in not

al­though it might mu­tant evo­lu­tion,

just seemed planned. That go the way he’s Red

ic­ing on top of the to work as a nice

about con­cen­tra­tion Skull’s plan to bring

in new era of dark­ness camps and a whole the Marvel Uni­verse.”

af­ter There was a #5 storm of con­tro­versy in Un­canny Avengers Ha­vok de­clared

wished to be known that he no longer

Der Re­men bor­row ed from heav­ily youth for his Deadly Class.

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