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Comic He­roes: How does work­ing for Valiant com­pare to Marvel and DC? Peter Mil­li­gan: “What I’ve found dif­fer­ent is their at­ti­tude to­wards sto­ries and su­per­heroes. Valiant ac­tively seems to veer away from any­thing too su­per­hero-es­que, which is great. There’s also the mat­ter of con­ti­nu­ity. There’s less of it with Valiant’s char­ac­ters so it’s less of an is­sue.” CM: You took over Shad­ow­man with #13. What is the ap­peal of the char­ac­ter? PM: “I’m in­trigued by the idea that there’s a lot more to Jack Boni­face than meets the eye. I don’t quite be­lieve that what we’re see­ing is the en­tire truth so I want to ex­plore the dark shad­owy sides of this young man.” CH: Valiant’s ti­tles are all very dif­fer­ent from each other. What sets Shad­ow­man apart?

“What’s dif­fer­ent about my Shad­ow­man, at least, is that it will plough some very dark psy­cho­log­i­cal ground and it’ll also have a bit of post-punk fizz and mindf**k shenani­gan­ism. Maybe all this will place it some­where be­tween a Ver­tigo book and a main­stream ti­tle, which makes it dif­fer­ent from Valiant’s other books.”

“We dis­cover some dark se­crets about Jack Boni­face. And the Abet­ters show them­selves to be dif­fer­ent from how we and Jack imag­ined them. This sets him on a quest, which leads to a strange back­woods mambo, a mambo un­like any in Louisiana or else­where.”

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