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Comic He­roes: How does work­ing for Valiant com­pare to Marvel and DC?

“With a lot of pub­lish­ers, their char­ac­ters have been around for­ever so it’s more like putting a spin on them. But with Valiant, it feels like we’re get­ting to build these char­ac­ters from the ground up. I read the Valiant books in the ’90s and was a huge fan of those char­ac­ters back then. I don’t have the time to read many comics now but I was read­ing Blood­shot as a fan and then they called me up and asked, ‘Do you want to write Blood­shot #0 and tell his ori­gin?’” CH: With Unity, how does it feel to write Valiant’s first team book? MK: “It’s great be­cause I get to pull out all the best char­ac­ters and put them to­gether. There’s also a lot of stuff that hasn’t been es­tab­lished in the Valiant Uni­verse such as where Nin­jak lives, so I get to fig­ure that out.”

“It’s a play on the old Unity cross­over from the ’90s but the team is never ac­tu­ally called Unity in the story. It’s ac­tu­ally ironic be­cause the team is full of mal­con­tents and dis­grun­tled he­roes. It’s such a clash of per­son­al­i­ties that Unity al­most needs to have quote marks put around it!”

“Nin­jak is prob­a­bly my favourite so far be­cause he’s such an ass, plus he’s got the best gad­gets! And one thing Valiant has needed is a strong fe­male char­ac­ter, which I’m get­ting to do with Livewire. I want her to be your favourite too – by the time we get to the sec­ond arc, she’s go­ing to have a much big­ger role.”

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