LEGION An­nual #5

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There have been nu­mer­ous Bond par­o­dies and homages in comics over the years, but hon­ourable men­tion must go to LEGION An­nual #5 – for all the wrong rea­sons.

All of DC’s 1994 an­nu­als came un­der the Else­worlds ban­ner (“he­roes are taken from their usual set­tings...” etc), and since there was al­ways an es­pi­onage el­e­ment to the ex­ploits of the Li­censed Ex­tra Gov­ern­men­tal In­ter­stel­lar Op­er­a­tives Net­work, a Bond pas­tiche would seem like a no-brainer.

And no brain is cer­tainly re­quired to en­joy this laugh-free mess in which Lobo is reimag­ined as a crude, tuxedo-clad se­cret agent, first name James, work­ing at the be­hest of spy­mas­ter Vril Dox. He is as­sisted by Stealth, who is obliged to wear a – get this – bul­let­proof bikini. Thud­ding script from Tom Peyer, shoddy art from Mike McKone – this one’s a Dou­ble-0 dud.

Sadly can­celled af­ter just two is­sues. We’ve got a hunch this one’s a clunker. Sorry. Ser­pent’s Tooth lacked the magic of Shang- Chi.

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