alien legion: un­civil war

Griz­zled war vets. Flee­ing refugees. In space!

Comic Heroes - - Contents - Writer: Chuck Dixon Artists: Carl Potts, Larry Stro­man

The clas­sic se­ries re­turns, blast­ing its way into an all-new bat­tle-scarred, laser-rav­aged ad­ven­ture! In a galaxy torn by strife, sav­aged by civil war, boil­ing with spilled blood, Alien Legion is a cos­mic mil­i­tary force do­ing its damnedest to keep the peace by al­ways be­ing ready for war. The squad’s griz­zled vet­er­ans are on what should be a bor­ing milk run, shep­herd­ing refugees flee­ing a civil war. Could be a good chance to toughen the new­bies into soldiers,

un­til peace­keep­ing de­scends into full-scale war!

On sale in June

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