Robin be­comes Nightwing

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Tales Of The Teen Ti­tans #44, July 1984

What hap­pened? Su­per­man had oc­ca­sion­ally posed as the Bat­man-like Nightwing, a mod­ern in­car­na­tion of an an­cient Kryp­to­nian hero, since the early ’60s; when the teenage Dick Grayson shed his Robin tights for the last time, he took his new in­spi­ra­tion here.

Why was it shock­ing? Su­per­heroes are al­ways com­ing up with new iden­ti­ties – Cap­tain Amer­ica turns into No­mad in the mid-’70s, say – but it never lasts; with Nightwing it did. Grayson snatched a new role and never looked back – and the medium’s urge to pe­ri­od­i­cally hit the re­set but­ton sud­denly looked thrillingly wob­bly. It seems some things can change for good…


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