Hank Pym, wife-beater

Comic Heroes - - Feature -

Avengers #213, Novem­ber 1981

What hap­pened? Though a found­ing Avenger, Hank Pym’s ca­reer has been lit­tered with fail­ure and mis­takes, even men­tal ill­ness. When writer Jim Shooter de­cided to show the col­lapse of his mar­riage to the Wasp, their row was meant to cli­max with a mere “get away from me” ges­ture – but, as drawn by artist Bob Hall, it be­came much more dra­matic and re­pul­sive than that.

Why was it shock­ing? Any num­ber of su­per­heroes have been de­picted as slap happy on oc­ca­sion, but with Pym the mud has stuck – and how.


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