Reed Richards doesn’t shave

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Fan­tas­tic Four #49, April 1966

What hap­pened? Has there ever been a comic se­ries as packed with gob­s­mack­ing mo­ments as the Kirby/ Lee Fan­tas­tic Four? This is the is­sue where we prop­erly meet Galac­tus for the first time, and the one where it’s ham­mered home just how se­ri­ous a threat he is by a sin­gle mem­o­rable de­tail: Reed Richards hasn’t had time to shave.

Why was it shock­ing? Whether fac­ing Doc­tor Doom or the Mole Man, Reed had al­ways pre­sented him­self in re­spectably dap­per fash­ion, but not this time. He pulls a des­per­ate all-nighter in prep for the Big G, and looks dirty and sweaty and scared. This time, per­haps, we re­ally are go­ing to die…?


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