The Dark Knight Rises – the Denny O’Neil cut

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“The lat­est Bat­man movie was the only one since 1989 that I hadn’t seen an ad­vance script for,” re­veals Denny O’Neil. “I was marched into the theatre by se­cu­rity guards and I had no idea what to ex­pect. Later I found out that my wife Mar­ifran and I were sit­ting in front of Christo­pher Nolan and his wife… Nolan got Bat­man right. He’s a tal­ented di­rec­tor who was re­spect­ful of the source ma­te­rial but re­alised he was work­ing in a dif­fer­ent medium. He had 70 years of Bat­man to choose from, and I think he picked ju­di­ciously. The Dark

Knight is the first movie of that kind I can re­mem­ber that doesn’t end with two guys bash­ing each other… I have only one quib­ble about The Dark Knight

Rises – I’d have cut the last 30 sec­onds.

“And if I’d known that Christo­pher Nolan was sit­ting be­hind me,” laughs O’Neil, “by God, I’d have turned around and told him that… ‘Lis­ten, Chris, you gotta get rid of that thing in the cafe. What are you think­ing about? The movie’s about re­demp­tion. Come on!’”

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