A Brief His­tory Of The Dig­i­tal Comic

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1985 The first on­line dig­i­tal comic is Eric Mil­likin’s Witches And Stitches, pub­lished on Com­puServe. It was based on The Wizard Of Oz.

1985 Shat­ter, by writer Peter Gil­lis with art by Mike Saenz, is the first comic to have all its art­work cre­ated on com­puter. It first ap­pears in the UK com­puter mag­a­zine Big K and is then pub­lished in the US by First Comic.

1988 Iron Man: Crash is the first dig­i­tal­ly­cre­ated graphic novel to be pub­lished by Marvel Comics, with art by Mike Saenz.

1990 Bat­man: Dig­i­tal Jus­tice uses a com­bi­na­tion of 3D modelling, vec­tor il­lus­tra­tion and CAD soft­ware.

1990 The Black Di­a­mond Ef­fect uses 3D ren­der­ing and scanned real-world ob­jects.

1991 Hans Bjor­dahl’s Where The Buf­falo Roam is pub­lished on FTP and usenet bul­letin boards.

1991 Sand­man #19 uses Pho­to­shop to cre­ate a pro­gres­sive sun­set ef­fect.

1991 Vic­tor Vec­tor & Yondo by Ken Steacy be­comes the first CD-ROM comic.

1993 David Far­ley’s web comic Doc­tor Fun (the web’s an­swer to The Far Side) is first pub­lished; it runs un­til 2006

1993 Mike Saenz’s Donna Ma­trix is the first 3D CGI graphic novel.

1996 Marvel launches Marvel Cy­ber­comics with Amer­ica On­line – comic we­bisodes cre­ated specif­i­cally for the in­ter­net.

1998 The Black Di­a­mond Ef­fect-Syn­tax E.R.R.O.R. continues the 1990 ad­ven­tures with bet­ter graph­ics.

1998 DC pub­lishes The Dome: Ground Zero by Dave Gib­bons and An­gus McKie which uses Poser, 3DS Max and Bryce soft­ware for the first time in comics.

2005 Marvel Dig­i­tal Comics re­places Marvel Cy­ber­comics.

2007 ComiXol­ogy launches.

2007 Launch of Marvel Dig­i­tal Comics Un­lim­ited. Marvel as­sures comic shops that ti­tles won’t be added un­til six months af­ter pub­li­ca­tion.

2008 Marvel re­leases Se­cret In­va­sion: Home In­va­sion on­line… comic shops not happy.

2011 Made­fire launches.

2011 Marvel and DC both an­nounce they will re­lease all dig­i­tal comics on the same day as the phys­i­cal ver­sions.

2013 Marvel re­launches Marvel Dig­i­tal Comics Un­lim­ited as Marvel Un­lim­ited.

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