Adam War­lock

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First cre­ated as Him in old Thor and FF is­sues, but soon re­named Adam War­lock and whisked off to Counter-Earth, this gri­mac­ing, ar­ti­fi­cial demigod mu­tated into a clear Christ anal­ogy. He had an Earth replica to save, the devil in the form of High Evo­lu­tion­ary cre­ation the Man-Beast to de­feat, a gang of teen dis­ci­ples – and even a cru­ci­fix­ion to be res­ur­rected from. Then Jim Star­lin came across to up the en­tire strip’s game: now the main en­emy was The Ma­gus, War­lock’s evil fu­ture self, and Star­lin’s art was never so dy­namic, star­tling or, well, “cos­mic”.


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