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Ev­ery Hawk­man is a fly­ing hero – a mus­cu­lar man with ar­ti­fi­cial wings and an in­tim­i­dat­ing raptor-es­que hel­met – but the orig­i­nal ver­sion was strictly Earth-bound. It was with his 1961 re­vival, in the wake of The Flash and Green Lan­tern’s suc­cess­ful re­turns, that the idea of Hawk­man as an alien took hold; this ver­sion wasn’t called “Carter Hall” but “Katar Hol”, and he was a fairly bru­tal cop from the planet Thana­gar, who came to Earth with his wife Shay­era (Hawk­girl) to catch a ru­n­away, then stayed to fight crime.

Nu­mer­ous re­boots have mud­died the wa­ters be­tween the two ver­sions con­sid­er­ably, but it’s the ag­gres­sive can-do at­ti­tude and im­pres­sive vi­su­als that have al­ways been key to Hawk­man’s ap­peal, as well as the ro­mance be­tween the two leads.


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