Stron­tium Dog

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Ar­guably 2000 AD’s sec­ond big­gest star – af­ter Judge Dredd – is Johnny Al­pha, mu­tant bounty hunter of the late 22nd century. He’s a Clint East­ward-style strong, silent type roam­ing a se­ries of re­mote fron­tier worlds.

Earth is lit­tle-seen – at least in the early tales – but we learn that nu­clear war has dev­as­tated much of the planet, and many chil­dren were born with bizarre, of­ten hi­lar­i­ously ugly mu­ta­tions. Al­pha is an hon­est man with a dark, brood­ing soul, but ac­tu­ally quite lucky by the stan­dards of his peers – his mu­ta­tions are hard to spot and un­usu­ally ben­e­fi­cial, and he’s landed one of the few jobs avail­able to his kind: work­ing as an off-world op­er­a­tive of the Search/De­stroy agency, an out­fit manned by mu­tants will­ing to chase down the many of their kind who’ve turned to crime.

Many Stron­tium Dog ad­ven­tures are like hal­lu­cino­gen-fu­elled Spaghetti Westerns, but later tales up the satire and be­come more po­lit­i­cal, es­pe­cially those that re­turn Johnny to the cru­elty of life on Earth.


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