Ego the Liv­ing Planet

First seen Thor #132 (Sep 1966)

Comic Heroes - - Feature -

It seems ridicu­lous to call an en­tire planet a su­pervil­lain – but not to Jack Kirby, who was toss­ing out bizarre lost worlds and in­cred­i­ble cos­mic vil­lains ev­ery is­sue in mid-’60s Thor and Fan­tas­tic Four. Ego was a ne­far­i­ous sen­tient world of near lim­it­less power and malev­o­lence who lurked within the Black Galaxy. When Thor first met him he in­tro­duced him­self as “the largest, most pow­er­ful in­tel­li­gence in all of in­fin­ity! You are like dust unto my feet!” (We sus­pect he meant “un­der”, but who are we to ar­gue with some­one who possesses “pow­ers with­out end”?) Along with Galac­tus, the Sil­ver Surfer, the Kree and the Col­o­niz­ers of Rigel, Ego’s one of the build­ing blocks of Marvel’s space mythol­ogy.

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