Bizarro World

First seen Ac­tionComics #263 (Apr 1960)

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One of the great cre­ations of the charm­ing, in­ven­tive, per­fectly crafted early ’60s Su­per­man was Bizarro World (some­times re­ferred to as “Htrae”, which is “Earth” spelt back­wards), where so­ci­ety op­er­ates by the strangest code: “Us do op­po­site of all Earthly things! Us hate beauty! Us love ug­li­ness! Is big crime to make any­thing per­fect on Bizarro World!” A cube-shaped planet, it’s pop­u­lated by Bizarro ver­sions of all the big Su­per­man mythos char­ac­ters. There’s an eas­ily fright­ened Yel­low Lan­tern with a use­less ring, an Aqua­man who can’t swim, a Joker who’s the only sane per­son there – and Bizarro No.1, a mir­ror-im­age, Franken­stein’s monster take on Su­per­man, who’d first been in­tro­duced a cou­ple of years ear­lier.

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