First seen TheNewGods #1 (Feb 1971)

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Per­haps the sin­gle most mem­o­rable planet in all comics, Apokolips is, “a dis­mal, un­clean place… an armed camp where those who live with weapons rule the wretches who build them… [where] life is evil and death the great goal.” Blimey! Ruled by Dark­seid it’s a flame-belch­ing, Hell-like fac­tory planet, where all life is com­mit­ted to Dark­seid’s dreams of con­quest, and ac­qui­si­tion of the dreaded Anti-Life Equa­tion. To­tally built-over, stud­ded with vast firepits and in­fested with pa­rademons, it’s a night­mare of the Industrial Rev­o­lu­tion, and a sym­bol of cor­rup­tion and op­pres­sion un­ri­valled in comics.

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