First seen GreenLant ern Vol 2 #2 (Oct 1960)

Comic Heroes - - Feature -

An alien planet in an an­ti­mat­ter uni­verse that’s in large part the ex­act op­po­site of our own, Qward acts as a coun­ter­part to Oa – home of the Guardians of the Uni­verse and the Green Lan­tern Corps – and pro­vides its own uni­verse with a sim­i­larly po­tent, if rather more tyran­ni­cal, force: the Qwar­dians and their Weapon­ers of Qward. The prob­lem, of course, is that this en­tire uni­verse is evil – or, at least, a place where greed and self­ish­ness are the dom­i­nant philoso­phies – mak­ing any sort of tourist trip there de­cid­edly ill-ad­vised…

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