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Doc Sav­age has a walk-on part in Dave Stevens’s The Rock­e­teer, where he is iden­ti­fied as the in­ven­tor of the rocket-pack which the strip’s hero Cliff Secord uses to fly. Two men look­ing very much like Monk and Ham, al­though never named as such, turn up at Cliff’s apart­ment, de­mand­ing the re­turn of the pur­loined rocket-pack. Then, when he runs low on fuel, a bronze-skinned gi­ant in jodh­purs and fly­ing hel­met comes to his res­cue. Cliff’s pal Peevy as­sumes that the stranger is mul­ti­mil­lion­aire avi­a­tor Howard Hughes – but pulp fic­tion fans know bet­ter.

Doc can also be seen lurk­ing in the shad­ows in the fi­nal pan­els of Su­per­man

An­nual #9 (part of DC’s 1997 retro­tas­tic Pulp He­roes event); watch­ing a news­reel of the Sub-Mariner fight­ing the Hu­man Torch in Marvels #1; and, thinly dis­guised, as Doc Brass in Plan­e­tary #5.

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